Introducing the Sunday Salon

I’m coining a new term.

‘sip - to sip a beverage while engaging in healthy gossip

Which is what we'll be doing here e'ry Sunday ;)

Even though I know the term "gossip" is usually reserved for idle talk about other people, that is not how I'm using it here. Semantics are everything. I am appropriating this term to refer to general chatter and T spillage. So every Sunday we'll 'sip, with our coffee, about philosophy, lifestyle, and whatever else I feel like tellin' ya.

Welcome to the first.

I have had an absolutely wild week. On Friday, I had my first major conversation with a fairly well-known thought leader, Will Reusch, who invited me to do a Q&A on his instagram after I lobbed some fair criticisms of an argument he made criticizing anti-capitalist speakers who earn large speaking fees. We ended up discussing components of my Utopian philosophy at length. You can watch that on Youtube or Instagram or listen to the audio recording on the most recent episode, episode 7, of the Utopia-ish podcast.

Then, on Sunday, one of my coaches inspired me to look into speaking, professionally, and it lit me up. So, I'm currently working on a keynote speech that will probably be about becoming better people and building a better world through intellectual flexibility: staying curious and willing to be wrong. I'll be releasing early drafts of that soon, as well as continuing to share pages from my free-write exercise for my book proposal.

Speaking of which, here's the link to pages 3-6 of that. And here's the link to pages 1-3, if you missed those and are a mild masochist with a lot of time to kill and a more-than-passing interest in Utopian thought. I'm definitely refining the structure for this writing exercise and have a looooooong list of questions and topics I'm excited to address in more detail as I continue to work on this book.

For every Sunday Salon I've decided to share my "Sensual Six": six things I'm loving right now, because I'm very passionate about conscious consumption of quality objects and the experience of luxury in our every day lives. I will make my recommendations based on what I genuinely want to share with you and if a thing I'm recommending happens to have a referral link, I will use it. Because, why wouldn't I?

Here are my picks for this week:

1. My "Morning" playlist

In the morning, I love to listen to uplifting music, but I'm usually also journaling or writing and don't want lyrics distracting me. I typically love to listen to upbeat French indie music, which is what this playlist is based on, but I've started adding a few fun instrumentals to the mix as well. Enjoy!

2. To Be Magnetic

I don't normally proselytize about programs I'm doing, but I can't shut up about this one to my friends because it is one of the two programs that have had the most profound impact on my life and it is by far one of the cheapest programs I have ever done. This is a neuroscience-based manifestation program that uses hypnotic meditations to build self-worth and magnetize the life you want. It fucking works. (Sorry for the f-word, Grandpa <3) But, I gotta be me.

3. My Ember Mug

Last year I made a few indulgent purchases that significantly improved my day-to-day experience. I'll be posting about all of them here at some point, but my Ember mug has been the ultimate luxury every single morning, so it deserves the top spot. This thing makes me feel like I'm in Harry Potter and a wizard is keeping my coffee warm every morning. I didn't drink alcohol for almost the entire year last year and I ended up becoming very interested in brewing excellent coffee because I missed the culinary experience of wine and scotch. This thing allows me to sip my excellently brewed coffee at my leisure without ever worrying about it getting cold. Thank the gods for technology. It's bliss.

4. The Soul Seat

If you clicked this link, I realize you likely have sticker shock. Obviously, this isn't for everyone. But it is one of the best things I've ever invested in, so I had to share it. I did purchase mine refurbished, which made it about half as expensive. So, that's an option to consider. In pages 3-6 of my free-write exercise, the one I linked to above, I mention my interest in the "furniture free" lifestyle. I now embrace furniture again, but I still hate sitting in regular chairs. This seat allows me to sit in a number of natural positions: cross-legged, squat-sitting, kneeling, one knee up and one down, etc. But at a desk. At my piano keyboard. At my art table. Etc. So all of my stuff is no longer on the ground. I'm obsessed. I probably wouldn't be nearly as far along with my book, this blog, or anything else, if I didn't have a way to sit comfortably at my computer. I love this thing.

5. Motion

This is new for me and I'm still getting used to it but, so far, I'm in love. This is an automatic time blocker thingy that rearranges your tasks in your calendar based on priority, automatically, as you move through your day. So, if I say I want to write for an hour every weekday during work hours, it finds a slot for that task that doesn't conflict with my calendar events. If I don't end up doing it during that slot, it automatically rearranges it in another available time slot based on my priorities. If there's a task I say I want to get done "within the next week" it schedules those tasks during available time slots at a lower priority over the course of the next week. It also warns me if a task has been scheduled outside of the time-frame I requested based on necessity and I can reassess my priorities to make sure things get done when I need them to. There are a ton of ways to set priorities that are WAY more intuitive than any "to do list" app I've ever used. So far, it has been a game-changer for me, and it can only continue to get better as I learn how to use it best for my needs. Hard recommend.

6. Trade Coffee Subscription

Speaking of delicious coffee. I love this subscription that tailors the coffee it delivers to me based on my reviews of coffee I've already received. You can get coffee that is more or less bougie, lighter or darker in roast, more traditional or more weird. For a primer on figuring out what kind of coffee you like, check out this video by one of my favorite Youtubers. I have increased the quality of my coffee-making setup, but you can make their coffee in a coffee-maker if you want. No shade. I always have coffee, it's always delicious, it's always something new, and I never get board. Sick. In a good way Gpa <3

Some weeks, but not all, I will make a book recommendation. I'm not going to have a standout, amazing book that I'm dying to recommend every single week, so I'll only do this when I do.

Book recommendation:

Sex at Dawn

If you follow my work you know that I constantly talk about this book. I truly believe that it is one of the most important books to read. Period. But, especially for an optimistic perspective about a better future, even though the author doesn't pitch it that way. It is, on the surface, an anthropological book about monogamy and human sexuality. But, at its core, it is a book about the inherent egalitarianism of human nature. That humans are naturally far more cooperative than they are competitive. Don't avoid this book because you're nervous about having your monogamous ideals questioned. You still get to make your own choices. Read this book to understand just how our perspective of human nature has been distorted and how we can begin to reclaim it.

That's it! That's the first Sunday Salon. Thank you for reading and looking forward to 'sippin' with you next week.

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