Sunday Salon #6: Meet Hercules!

Good morning!

I'm continuing to maintain my commitment to this newsletter, but today is gonna be a bit different, becaaaauuuuuse... dun dun dun... I picked up my foster dog yesterday! I have not slept a wink and I have a lot of things going on so, I'm gonna share some updates with y'all about that and let that be the newsletter for this week, because that's all I have in the tank.

I recently decided I was ready for a dog and I decided to foster until I found the right fit, particularly because I wanted to find a dog who would have good chemistry with my cat. On Monday of this week I received this photo of a boi named Manny:

What a babe! When I saw the photo of this baby, I felt a vibe. He's exactly my kind of dog, with "specs" that really align with my needs. He's a big active boi and he's 9 months old so, not super young, but still a puppy whom I can socialize and influence.

I started getting the feeling that "Manny" would be *the one* unless there were any major red flags, namely: aggression, fixation on small animals (re: Ostara).

I even started giving him a new name in my mind: Hercules! Herc, for short.

Welp, my friend Martin helped me pick him up yesterday and, so far, it has been relatively smooth sailing! He's a bit "shutdown" which means he's being pretty subdued and docile. That's common for shelter dogs who are coming from extended trauma. He spent 11 hours on a truck yesterday being transported here from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky and he's pretty weirded out by the city since he's a country pup. But he's the cutest and the sweetest and I'm 99% sure he's my boi.

He's started coming out of his shell a bit, wagging his tail and perking up his ears more, today. He's been pretty good about getting into his crate even though I can tell he's not a fan. They say that dogs who exhibit this shutdown behavior will start displaying some of their more excitable or problematic behaviors after a few weeks, but that gives plenty of time to work with him to regulate his nervous system and help him learn to feel safe and calm.

I can tell he has been through some trauma for such a young babe. His tail is very broken in the middle. It looks like it got slammed in a heavy door. And, even though he is very clearly house-broken, his attitude around going to the bathroom seems to be laced with fear. I can't imagine asking this big baby to get comfortable in yet another new home, so I think he's mine.

Big dogs like Herc are hard to place in NYC. He's not even fully grown and he's already a big, lanky, long boi. And he's clearly a German Shephard mix who will need a lot of exercise and "work" to do to keep his mind stimulated, i.e. training.

My apartment is pretty big, I live between two excellent parks, and I work for myself, from home, with lots of time to train him. Plus I'm active and excited to have a fitness buddy. So, I think it's a pretty serendipitous match, don't you?

Herc starting to unwind.

I have adoption priority until noon on the 19th, so I will make the commitment by then. For now, I'm looking for ways to get him to eat more, bc he'll eat treats but he has barely touched his food, and start exercising his brain with some at home activities, since they don't recommend overwhelming him to much with the city for a while.

Ostara has been taking it like a champ. I'm keeping them separated, so they haven't seen each other, but they can smell each other and she obviously knows he's here, but she's hangin' on the sofa like it ain't no thang. I'll be slowly introducing them over the next few days. My dream is that they'll be best friends and play together. So far, It's looking good.

In other news, I have set the goal to complete the first draft of my book proposal by Aug. 9 and am working steadily away at that daily.

I've decided not to continue to post flash-write pages because they just aren't that readable, but I'll post sections of the proposal as I complete their drafts. Concerns about readability were preventing me from just doing the damn thing, so I'm going to let it be extremely messy and get it done.

Until next time y'all! Herc and I need some major nappage cuz we were up all night due to his traveler's stomach after his long journey from the wilds of Kentucky and into my heart.

Talk soon <3

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