Rogue Coaching

Crafting Paths for Questioning Creatives

In my heart, art must inherently serve a higher purpose. For me, that looks like activism and actualizing social change. I'm committed to helping shape a future in which Artist is a career choice that is as stable and respected as any office job, and I deeply believe that we, as artists, can take back our autonomy. We can give up the lifestyle of constantly asking for permission to participate in other peoples' work; of grinding for 10 years just for one line on a show we don't care about; of rarely actually creating, and leaving the opportunity to create down to luck, or a numbers game.


Did you know that you can play the lead in stories that you care about for your entire career and build an audience that cares about and supports your work? And that, by doing that, you can also land that big-time Broadway or Cable TV gig? Or you can contribute to the future and build your career on some platform we won't even know about until tomorrow. This is what the new arts career looks like. You can decide exactly who you are as an artist, you can become autonomous and completely self-sufficient in your career, or you can simply add a small side project that fulfills you creatively as you audition. You can craft the career and the process that is perfectly attuned to you. And I can help you.

Who I'm Here to Help

Inspirational Ted Talk-style speeches aside, here's who I am most equipped to serve:

Performing artists and other creatives who want to clarify their identities as artists and determine what kind of work they want to be making and why and how they want to make it.

Creatives who want to start making their own work but don't know where to start, or need guidance wherever they are on the journey of creation.

Professionals and other folks who are looking to access their creative power and unlock the artist within.


Can I Help You?


If you're not sure I can help you, please reach out and let's talk about it.


Who Am I?


To learn more about me, what I do, and what I stand for, please see the other pages of this website.


Can't wait to change the future of the arts, or even just your career, together. 

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