Allie Jessing




200 is a short film I'm writing, producing, and acting in. It is based on the world of Hetaira. Keep up with new drafts of my writing on my Wattpad.

Hetaira Pilot

Hetaira is the cornerstone project of my production company. I'm currently writing a pilot episode for the story. You can also follow the journey of this project on my Wattpad.


I'll be developing a character through series of micro-videos on TikTok and short stories on Wattpad as a part of the official canon of the shared cinematic universe Strowlers, by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. You can learn more about this project by watching Strowlers on Amazon or on The Fantasy Network, and reading the Strowlers Wiki on the Zombie Orpheus website. This is both a writing and an acting project.



A Mythic


Writer | Performer | Producer

Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Greenside Venues Infirmary St.

A one-hour show based on the story of Hetaira, my cornerstone project, with writing, production, acting, singing, and dancing by myself and piano and dance by Steph Babirak.


Audio trailer

Write | Performer | Producer

This trailer was originally meant to be the first episode of an audio drama version of Hetaira. Now it serves as an audio trailer for the concept. I wrote, recorded, and edited the story and did the sound design. The music was written by myself and Simón Wilson, performed by myself, and orchestrated by Simón Wilson with additonal orchestrations by Eric Bard.

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