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Queer - Feminist - Inclusive

About Vǫlva Productions

Vǫlva Productions is an independent, non-profit production company focusing on feminist, queer, and inclusive content for stage and screen. We primarily create within the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction, and are particularly passionate about projects that fuse multiple artistic disciplines, like music, dance, theater, and film. We seek to pioneer and we relish the experimental.

Our art is both accessible and activist. It is appealing and entertaining while serving to actualize positive change in the world. It is both relatable and challenging.

If you would like to collaborate with us, please reach out. We are constantly seeking to collaborate with other independent artists: writers, performers, producers, crew members, filmmakers, directors, and everyone else who shares our ethos.



A historical fantasy musical drama about Aspasia, an Ancient Greek courtesan, who becomes immortal and falls in love with a shieldmaiden in Viking era Scandinavia. Now, she's a present day anti-hero seeking to rescue her long lost lover across the echos of time.

This project exists as a 60 min two-hand live performance, currently being updated from it's first draft form, which was performed at Edinburgh Fringe 2019 by Allie Jessing and Steph Babirak. A Hetaira TV pilot is in its early writing stages.

200 or Diakósia

A stand-alone short film about two lovers who have a very unique dating ritual. Based on the world of Hetaira. First draft screenplay complete. Aimed to film early 2020.

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